Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Late winter fairy hair sparkles with Sera at the Overlook House in Portland ✨💖🌈

March 1st edit: Hi sparkly ones, I was supposed to open appts today, but I had The Longest Day Ever and I'm too exhausted tonight - I will open appts Wednesday, March 2nd. 

For appts I always post here first at and then to my email list (email me at if you would like to be added), then to social media (facebook/insta/google), and then finally, I reply to the many texts and emails I get from those who aren't able to navigate the website or need the booking link directly texted to them, or need help in other ways. 

Thanks so much for your patience, more sparkles incoming tomorrow ✨🍀💮


Edit: All full for February! More appts will open on March 1st, thank you, sparklers! 💖✨💖

Appointments for the rest of February and Tuesday March 1st are available here:

So sorry for the delay, I know this is a day late! I've been drowning in personal/back end business stuff, but I'm through most of it now, hurray! 💖

Out of town the end of this month, so there are limited slots, again. If you can't find anything let me know, I might be able to squeeze you in on Saturday the 19th, that day is available at Overlook so I can lengthen that day if needed to accommodate more sparkles! 🧚

I should be available much more in March - March 1st I'll open up March and there will be more sparklings! 🌈

This has been a difficult time of year for me, and knowing people still want sparkles from me makes it all worth it, thank you so much, from the bottom of my faery-loving heart. 💖🧚💖