Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Faery Hair Sparkles going forward ✨🍄🌸

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Dear sparkly friends,

I miss your faces and sparkly presence sooooooo much! I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy and finding your way through this trying time. I am so grateful for your support and patience as we learn to navigate this new situation together.

As desperate as I am to get back to sparkling and to interact with all of the people who support and uplift me every day, my nature is to be cautious. For now, faery hair is postponed until further notice. When I am ready to book appointments again, I will eagerly let everyone know. But for now, even if salons are allowed to function, I will not be sparkling right away. There are several reasons for this.

1) The Fernie Brae has closed. It is possible that this space may be available at some time in the future, but I need to give the owners time to process and decide how to move forward.

2) With the state's Phase 1 requirements for "personal services," I cannot legally operate in private residences or cafes, nor can I afford to rent my own private office.

3) The personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning supplies, and labor involved in cleaning, laundering, customer screening and tracking, and lower frequency of appointments required, would more than double my costs. Once those restrictions are lifted, I can explore how to move forward in a way that is safe and enjoyable for all.

4) Because I am a sole proprietor, my self and my business are not separated. Currently, there is no insurance that covers Covid-19 exposure claims. If someone wants to claim that I caused illness due to sparkling, I have no protection. It is not worth it to put myself or another's health at risk, and to risk personal bankruptcy, in order to resume faery hair sparkling.

Once our world begins to look a little better, restrictions lift, and people begin to move about more freely, I could see sparkling again with more joy than ever before. I do sincerely hope we can get there soon! But I don't want to start prematurely and have any of us regret that decision.

I will need you when the time is right! I am eager to offer sparkles again, and to find new ways to bring joy and faery magic into the world in the meantime.  I am not going anywhere, sparkling will always be a lifelong pursuit of mine.  I'm hoping that in reentering with caution, sparkling can remain viable as a business and practice far, far into the future. I appreciate your patience so much as I attempt this "long game" approach.

I am open to suggestions, comments, ideas, whatever you care to share - this is how I feel right now, but my feelings could change in a week or a month or a year, who knows!  I will keep everyone updated to the best of my ability.

So much love and sparklyness to all of you!  You mean the world to me. I cannot convey how much this venture has changed my life and allowed me to flourish, thanks to all of your sparkling hearts and bright spirits.  Your support is a gift too great to fathom, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude every day, for everything you have brought me over the years.

Sending you well wishes and faery magic, until we meet again.


Serafaery ✨🍄🌸