Q: What are Faery Hair Sparkles?
Faery Hair Sparkles are silk sparkle strands tied into hair, one hair at a time, for a subtle, sparkling effect.

Q: How is it attached?
Faery Hair Sparkles are tied to individual strands of hair, using a special tool called a Pixie Hook (there is also a hand-tying method, which only can be done with long hair).

Q: How long does it last?
Faery Hair will last as long as the hair it is tied to stays with you - this could be an hour, a day, a month, or a year, it's up to the hair faeries to decide. Generally, 3-4 weeks is average, 1-2 weeks is more common for children under 5. There are no guarantees for how long they last, but we are happy to re-tie if you lose one immediately!

Q: Can I wash, style, and color my hair with Faery Hair in?
Yes! You can flat iron, curl, and process hair like normal. Because the strands are silk, they will not melt. Hair color does not dye the sparkles. They love henna. If they last longer than a couple of months, they may start to lose some of their color and lustre with processing.

Q: How much does it cost?
Faery Hair Sparkles are $3 for each knot tied, most people get between 10-40 but the amount is totally up to you. We gently suggest that you get at least a few, as one or two can fall out right away and we'd like you to have a better chance to keep some longer.

Q: Do you take cards?
Yes! We have Square, which charges us a small processing fee. Cash is great too.

Q: What is Faery Hair made out of?
Silk! These are not tinsel or synthetic. They are silk strands, with a non-metallic sparkly coating. They are non-metal and safe for MRI scans.

Q: Where do I go to get Faery Hair Sparkles tied into my hair?
Appointments: available every Friday and most Thursdays, and Saturdays, see calendar and book your appt here:  BOOK AT FERNIE BRAE  

Tuesdays currently at Tea Chai Te on E Burnside st, see Tea Shop calendar and book here:  BOOK AT TEA SHOP This location is ADA accessible!
If the calendar link or scheduling software doesn't work for you, please text or email Sera to book your appointment: 503-720-5486 or serafaery@yahoo.com

Q: Where can I learn how to tie and buy my own Faery Hair Sparkles?
Online shop at faeryhairsparkles.com <3 Offering starter kits and Pixie Hooks with instructions to get you started, sparkles packs in all colors, and accessories. You can purchase from Sera in person directly anytime, ask in person or call 503-720-5486 or email serafaery@yahoo.com

Q: How long have you been doing this?
Pixie and Sera learned how to tie about 9 years ago. We have been sparkling each other and our friends for many years. Sera has been sparkling full time for 3 years.

Q: How is Faery Hair different from Hair Tinsel, Hair Flairs, Hair Bling, nylon sparkle thread, la Demoiselle, etc?
We are very particular about using only 100% silk strands, not synthetics. We purchase directly from a small supplier in SE Asia. This silk's strength and lightness enables the single hair knot to hold. Synthetic or poly strands untie themselves so require a bigger knot or a crimping bead, which we do not like and do not consider to be faery hair. There are some fancier synthetics that have come out recently that do hold up (not widely available to the public yet), but Sera does not want to put more plastic into the environment, so we use only silk. We also extensively test our supply on many different kinds of hair for durability and longevity before using them for work. If other "hair tinsel" you've tried has fallen out or disintegrated, but you haven't tried ours yet, you are likely to see a dramatic difference. We are the humble recipients of faerie wisdom and guidance for help with this practice.

Q: Where did you discover this?
Faerieworlds! Dancing Hands used to tie at this Faerie Festival every year, and we taught ourselves online, with her support.

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