Sunday, February 7, 2021

Faery Hair Sparkles with Sera Faery in Portland, OR, personal note

 Hi sparkly ones, thank you so much for your patience.  Sparkling appointments are on hold this week, while upgrading to N95 masks in response to the new more transmissible covid strains, and recalibrating my system for covid protection requirements, to make sure we all stay healthy and safe while sparkling together. The online shop is always open for online purchases, of course.

I will update here soon with a booking link for appointments. You are always welcome and encouraged to email me at for any questions. I do get a lot of emails so please forgive me if you have to send a note more than once, sometimes they get lost before I get a chance to compose a reply. I want to reply to everyone and never intend to ignore any messages. I typically manage to reply in about 2 days. <3

I miss sparkling and all of my customers so much. We'll get there. I appreciate your patience and hanging in there with me while we navigate this new system, together. Any feedback is always welcome. 

I am still deep in grief, I must admit, from losing my mother. This will just take some time. Her obituary should be finalized and published on Wednesday this week. That was a very, very difficult task. I still have a lot to do to make sure I honor her in ways I feel are appropriate, but without sacrificing my own well-being too much. It is a delicate balance. I appreciate everyone's kindness and support, the cards and messages and notes of well wishes and love are wonderful. I started a little tribute website for my mom, if there is any interest in that, it is at  <3