Saturday, April 16, 2022

Sparkle into spring with fairy hair sparkles 🐇🐣🌷🧚 ✨

 End of April appts are now open to book at the Overlook House in N Portland, here:

Only 2 days per week while my shoulder continues to heal - thank you so much for your patience and support while I continue to take it slow. May should be better.

I might be able to add in Saturday April 30th if the Overlook House remains open, if so I will post that here, please feel free to email me at if weekends are what you need.

It's been a strange April in Portland, the unseasonal snow was hard on our plants, but also beautiful (I had to go play in it a bit - bonus second winter! ❄️). May the flowers all recover and flourish as we move into a sparkly spring.  🌷🧚 ✨

Friday, April 1, 2022

April fairy hair sparkles, happy spring! 🌸✨🐇🌈🌸

 Happy spring! 🐇 🌱 First half of April appts available to book here:

If you aren't able to get one, feel free to email at to see if we can find a spot, I sometimes can add flexibility as the weeks progress, but no promises. I get a ton of messages so don't feel bad about re-sending if I don't reply after a day or two, I often lose track, but I don't mean to ignore anyone! I know this booking system is difficult for some, so I will try to help as best I can if it's not working for you. 

These appts usually fill in 24-48 hours, so if you're not finding something after April 3rd or 4th, best to wait until April 15th or 16th when more appointments are opened. The link works to check for cancellations, too :)

🌸 New! Currently masks are not required, and I am dropping the vaccine requirement for April. I have worn my mask for most of my appointments, still, out of respect for my more cautious customers. (I am vaxed and boosted and still haven't gotten covid or .)

My shoulder is on the mend but still not 100%, so my time is currently limited to 4 appts per day, it gets cranky after that. Hopefully I can add more time in the next week or two, I definitely feel better than I did two weeks ago :)  

✨ I am hoping to have a small class on faery hair sparkling later this month, I will post details here when that comes together, feel free to email me questions about that at 

Thanks as always for your support, it means so much to me! I love what I do and most of that is thanks to the lovely people I get to see and sparkle. You're the best! Happy sparkling!