Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Fairy Hair Sparkles with Sera in Portland, spring 2021

Hi, sweet sparklies. I will be back to scheduling and sparkling in June, 2021. With  taxes to finish and my husband's first vacation in over a year taking up the second half of May, sparkles will have to wait.

I have been sparkling haphazardly in my new Sparkle and Faery Wing studio at the Overlook House in N Portland, mostly manually scheduling via email at serafaery@yahoo.com and by text at 503-720-5486.  I hope to move back to automated bookings again in June, and will post the new link here, when ready!

My vaccination reached full efficacy April 26th, but all covid requirements for hair services in Oregon remain in place for now: masks required at all times, pre-scheduled appointments only and covid screening questions required, sanitizing all surfaces between appointments, no shared tools or supplies, only one person in the studio with me at a time - friends can join, they hang out in a comfy chair in the hallway where we can still see each other and chat. It's working nicely. (I am just really tired of all the cleaning, and so is the skin on my hands.) I'm upstairs so if you need ADA access, let me know before scheduling and I can bring the sparkles down to the main floor, we have wheelchair access in the Garden Room.