Thursday, June 6, 2024

Fairy hair with Serafaery: appts open 2x per month, for 2 weeks at a time ✨

 So grateful there is so much interest in sparkles for June! A reminder that I can only open appts for 2 weeks at a time, so the rest of June will open up when I come back from a trip on June 16th. 

I received many messages looking for later in June, saying there's nothing available for 30 days or more.  The calendar only opens for 2 weeks, due to the tango I do with the Overlook House where my studio is, to make sure my sparkling doesn't overlap with their events during the summer. They often schedule last minute so I have to wait for their calendar before I can create mine. 

I send out manual email reminders (no automation) every time I open appointments, if you'd like to get those emails, just send a note to asking to be added to the list. You can ask me to remove you at anytime, just send another note when you're done (there is no unsubscribe button because I do this all manually so there's no chance of any accidental spam). I'm happy to add/remove as requested :)

Thanks so much for understanding! More sparkles on the way later this month, no worries! I'll post here and on the website with updates as always ✨✨✨ happy sparkling! 

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Fairy Hair Sparkles early June with Sera Faery 🌹🌈🧚‍♀️

 Faery Hair appts open for early June, here is the appt link:

Next openings June 16th for the rest of June. 🌈

You can share appointments with friends! 🎉

It's welcome email me to ask if I have openings not showing online, occasionally I have wiggle room, I've been doing cafe sparkles here and there on weekends since the Overlook House where my studio is often booked for events. I can't always reply, but I'll do my best! 🧚‍♀️

For email reminders when appointments open, just send a note to asking to be put on the list. I manage this manually, so to be removed, just email a message asking to be removed whenever you like. I only use this list for faery hair appointment reminders. 🪄

I have a foot injury, so can only 3 hrs a day until I get the okay from my doctor to use my foot more. Thanks for your patience and for supporting me as I limp through this part of my sparkly journey. Happy sparkling! ✨