Wednesday, March 2, 2022

March Faery Hair sparkles with Serafaery 🍀✨🌈

Edit: Appts are currently full, next appts will be released March 15th or thereabouts. I strive to release appts the 1st and 15th of each month. 💖

First half of March Faery Hair Sparkles appts are live here:

Thanks so much for your patience, so grateful for your sparkle support, people I sparkle are so much more than just customers to me, they keep me afloat. I hope you can feel that when we are sparkling together. Sometimes life throws us a bit, but we adapt, right? Getting a little dizzy from all the pivoting, but will keep sparkling through the twists and turns. 🍀✨🌈

Thanks, Marcy, for the adorable photos in the Sparkle Studio!

I'm feeling not quite myself, so appts are a bit limited for the next two weeks, but if I'm feeling better and able to mitigate my pain and catch up with other work, I will add in another weekday. Will post here if/when that happens. Hopefully more sparkles will happen with more sunshine, later this month.