Saturday, July 1, 2023

Faery Hair Sparkles in the summer with Serafaery at the Overlook House in Portland, Oregon

 Appointments open for the rest of July and into August, here is the appt link:

More coming July 15th, when I'll open the rest of August and into September.

Please note the new rate! This is a little more per session, my first effective rate change since 2018. You can share longer appointments with friends if that helps! 

To provide better service, I'm opening a full month or more going forward. If it's toward the end of the month and no dates are available, check back for cancellations, or again at the start of the next month. Appts added around the 1st and 15th of each month. If you'd like email reminders, email me at and ask to be put on the list! (You can ask to be removed at any time.) It's always okay to email if you have questions, I might not always be able to respond, I'll do my best - it's always okay to try again. :) 

✨🧚✨ Special Drop-in sparkles! Sunday, July 22 - Sparkling for Offbeat Bellydance! At Swan Dive,  7-10pm, 727 SE Grand Ave in Portland, free show! (Tip your dancers and bartenders) $21 for 7, $30 for 10, $45 for 15, $60 for 20 sparkles ($3 per strand drop-ins for this special event!)

Still hoping to offer an experimental faery hair sparkles workshop sometime in July, I'll post here, via the email list, and on social media when I can set that up! 

The best part of sparkling is the people I get to interact with, thank you for being so cheerful and uplifting and fun to sparkle with! Sparkles are endlessly delightful and I'm privileged to get to share them with you ✨🧚✨