Thursday, June 1, 2023

Summer sparkles with Sera Faery in Portland, special update, more available! 🌈🌞✨🧚

 Excited to sparkle for June, starting tomorrow! Here is the appt link:

More coming June 15th!

To provide better service, I'm now booking 3+ weeks out, so these should not fill up so fast and it won't be so stressful to try to find a slot that works for you. If it's toward the end of the month and no dates are available, check back for cancellations, or again at the start of the next month. Appts are added the 1st and 15th of each month. If you'd like email reminders, email me at and ask to be put on the list! This list is only for appt reminders 2x per month, and you can ask to be removed at any time. It's always okay to email or message me if you have questions, but I might not always be able to respond, I'll do my best but get overwhelmed easily - it's always okay to try again. :) 

*Please note! I realized a few months ago that the way that I set my hourly rate at the beginning of the year meant that my rates didn't effectively change at all - I am still tying $3 per strand, plus lots of freebies, just like before. This is not sustainable long term, so starting in July, rates will go up to what will be equivalent to about $4 per sparkle (still with lots of freebies). It's been $3 since 2018, and my costs have risen sharply since then, like everyone else's.

My customers are very dear and special to me, so if this entirely prices you out and you want to still see me, please let me know, I can offer discounts for fixed incomes or other circumstances. You can absolutely share appointments with a friend, if that helps! I want faery hair to be accessible to everyone, but I also want it to sustain me enough to continue to do this work. I love what I do and want to keep doing it forever! 

You are the reason I look forward to sparkling, and I am forever grateful for your sparkly support! I am especially thankful for the enormous generosity I've received from you in the form of uplifting encouragement, tips, suggestions, and reassurance that what I do is worthwile. This is a dream job, most of all because of who I get to serve and how delightful each interaction can be, while we sparkle together. ✨🧚✨

🌈Happy Pride Month!🌈