Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Late November Fairy Hair sparkles, and a couple December days, Portland, 2022 🍂✨💖🧚⭐

 Late November/first 2 days of December Faery Hair Sparkles appts open to book here: 


Appointments open the 1st or 2nd and 15th or 16th of each month, for 2 weeks at a time. They fill in about 24 hours, so if you're not successful, try booking closer to the opening dates if you can - if you would like email reminders, send me a note at serafaery@yahoo.com (you can ask to be removed any time). Also email me with any other questions, I often get overwhelmed but will help as best I can, keep trying, it's helpful as I often lose track of who asked what where :) 

Overlook House sparkle studio is upstairs, address is 3839 N Melrose Drive, in Portland, OR. (If you cannot navigate stairs, email me beforehand and we can set up in the Garden Room main floor - serafaery@yahoo.com - thank you!)  🏡


Dealing with a power outage and a runny nose today - it's always something! No sparkles this week  (not covid, just a cold). Thanks for hanging in there with me. 🍂


In January 2023, I will shift to a higher hourly rate, with a range of sparkles offered for each appt from 15min to 1hr. As always, I offer several free strands, since there is always some fall-out. I will put this in the description for appt bookings so everyone knows what to expect, and will communicate this as much as possible beforehand. 💖

This is my first rate change in 5 years, as much as I'd rather not, so many expenses have gone up since pandemic, including supplies and the sparkle studio, which I am so grateful to have! To try to get back to pre-pandemic levels, this needs to happen. 🙏

(Maybe it will be easier to book when my rates are higher? Silver linings?) ✨

May whatever holiday you celebrate (or not) be warm and cozy, this November 🍂✨💖🧚⭐

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