Saturday, January 15, 2022

Faery Hair Sparkles in deep winter (vax/booster required over age 16 for Jan 2022) ⛄🌠💖

Greetings, sparklers! ✨ Here is the booking link for sparkles for the rest of January:

A reminder that I'm requiring everyone getting faery hair with me to be vaccinated AND boosted for those over 16, at least through January. Thank you for understanding! 💉

We are out of town the last week of the month, so I included Tuesday Feb 1st in this batch. More sparkling appts coming February 1st! 💖

If you need a Saturday appointment or something later in the evening, please let me know! I have some extra flexibility occasionally and can sometimes shift my schedule to accommodate. email is good or text is usually okay - feel free to pester me if needed, sometimes messages get lost in the shuffle :) or 503-720-5486 🌠

Long dark nights are a wonderful time for withdrawal, rest, and peace, before the rush and renewal of spring. Sinking cozily into this deep dark winter. Sparkling in the darkness. ✨⛄🌙🌲🌠