Monday, November 23, 2020

Winter Holidays and Fairy Hair Sparkles 2020 🍂 ✨❄️

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Faery Hair Sparkles friends! I am searching for a safe place to offer Faery Hair Magic this holiday season. Since it's been shown that no virus has been spread from hair services, as long as all protocols are followed, I feel confident that I can return to this work, safely and responsibly. My space will need to be private and all appts will have to be one on one (no more groups, no drop-ins, masks required, pre-screening required, etc.), but with some careful adjustments, we can sparkle together again and bring some lightness and fun into these challenging days.

Thank you so much for your patience as we navigate these difficulties together, I appreciate the support more than I can say!

I will post updates as soon as space is secured and I can begin taking appointments.  Stay safe and take care of each other!

Sparkling tutorials are available on my youtube channel, and starter kits and sparkle packs are available at my online shop, 

Here is a short video of our old days at the Fernie Brae, just for fun.  Happy Sparkling! ✨  -Sera