Tuesday, December 4, 2018

sparkle flurries

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Faery Hair Friday is each week at the Fernie Brae, 11am-6pm, 4035 SE Hawthorne, Portland, drop in!
*A note about Fridays: Sera will be sparkling alone going forward, so there will be longer waits, we have a sign in sheet when you arrive, it often fills quickly and can fill up entirely before 3pm or so. If you plan to travel or if timing is an issue, please consider making an appointment on a different day, to avoid disappointment. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition. <3

Sera is taking a break Friday Dec 28th, but Alessandra will be tying sparkles at the Fernie Brae that day. We are totally separate businesses and friends, she ties my faery hair in for me. Any business you conduct together is between the two of you only. <3

Questions? serafaery@yahoo.com or 503-720-5486 <3

All appointments for December have been taken, drop ins still available at the craft fair Dec 15-16 and Faery Hair Fridays Dec 14 and 21, see below for times and locations <3

December Events
Tuesday, Dec 4th: 3-5pm, Faery Hair appts at Tea Chai Te616 E Burnside st, contact Sera for your slot: serafaery@yahoo.com or 503-720-5486
3pm: Anna +1
4pm: Desiree
4:30pm: Chris
5pm: Alice

Wednesday, Dec 5th: professional development (no sparkles)

Thursday, Dec 6th: 1-6pm salon training (private event)
Friday, Dec 7th: 11am-6pm, Faery Hair Friday at the Fernie Brae4035 SE Hawthorne, Portland, drop in!

Saturday, Dec 8th: 12:30-5pm, Faery Hair appts at the Fernie Brae4035 SE Hawthorne, Portland,(full)
12:30pm: MJ
1pm: Raquel
1:30pm: Leea
2pm: Lyra
2:30pm: break
3pm: Faith
3:30pm: Kathy
4pm: Sarah
4:30pm: Sharon
5pm: Emelia

Sunday, Dec 9th: 12-3pm, special rare Sunday sparkle event for Tree Lighting Celebration at the Fernie Brae4035 SE Hawthorne, Portland, drop in! (open to making a few appts, contact Sera for your slot: serafaery@yahoo.com or 503-720-5486)
12pm: Linda +1
12:30: drop-ins
1pm: Angela
1:30pm: drop-ins
2:45pm: Alison

Monday: day off/office work, no sparkles

Tuesday, Dec 11th: special project (no sparkles) (Meeting Pam at Starbucks on Mill Plain after skating)

Wednesday, Dec 12th: 3-6pm, Faery Hair Sparkle Party at Belmont Station, 4500 SE Stark st, new winter hours, downstairs patio area, drop in! (Kristen 3pm, Mariah 5:30pm)
***Sarah of Luckylocks.co is also tying faery hair sparkles today from 2-6pm at Tea Chai Te in Sellwood! I might fill up fast, if you're on that side of town you might have better luck with her, today***

Thursday, Dec 13th: 
special project (no sparkles) (night snowshoe hike)

Friday, Dec 14th: 11am-6pm, Faery Hair Friday at the Fernie Brae4035 SE Hawthorne, Portland, drop in! 

Saturday, Dec 15th-Sunday Dec 16th: 10am-5pm, Faery Hair sparkles at Geek the Halls craft fair, 1000 NE Multnomah st, Portland, by appt or drop in, you choose! (full for appts, drop ins available both days throughout the day)
Saturday 10am: Christine and crew, drop-ins
11am: drop-ins
12pm: Penny
12:30pm Andrine
1pm: Valerie
1:30pm: drop ins
2pm: Dana
2:30pm: drop ins
3pm: PK
3:30pm: drop ins
4pm: Marilynn +1
4:30-5pm: drop-in

Sunday 10am: crew, drop-ins
11am: drop-ins
12pm: Alice
12:30pm: drop ins
1pm: Tami and kiddos
1:30pm: drop ins
2pm: Lucy
2:30pm: drop ins
3pm: Linda
3:30pm: drop ins
4pm: drop ins

Monday: office work/day off, no sparkles

Tuesday, Dec 18th: special project (no sparkles)

Wednesday, Dec 19th: 
professional development (no sparkles)

Thursday, Dec 20th: 3-6pm, Faery Hair appts available at the Fernie Brae4035 SE Hawthorne, Portland (full)
3pm: Raina
3:20pm:Katherine (50 strands)
4:30pm: Alix
5pm: Donna
5:30pm: Jazmine

Friday, Dec 21st: Faery Hair Friday at the Fernie Brae4035 SE Hawthorne, Portland, drop in! Blessed Yule! 🌟

Saturday, Dec 22nd: Yule celebration (no sparkles)

Sunday/Monday: office work/day off, no sparkles
Tuesday, Dec 25th: Merry Xmas!  🎄

Wednesday, Dec 26th: professional development (no sparkles)

Thursday, Dec 27th: (out of town)

*Friday, Dec 28th:  Sera is taking a break! I will NOT be sparkling at the Fernie Brae this week. Alessandra will be there tying faery hair. We are friends and totally separate businesses, she is not an employee and does not pay me anything to do her own sparkling work.  We tie each other's sparkles. Any transactions you make are between the two of you only. <3 <3 <3

Saturday, Dec 29th: (out of town)

Sunday/Monday: office work/day off, no sparkles, Happy New Year! 🎇 

(I am currently on hiatus from private home house calls, but am still happy to come sparkle at your office, craft fair, church, or any public space that is in the close-in east side or downtown Portland area <3)

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