Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Yuletide sparkles and joy

This Thursday a new monthly sparkle event begins at the Maple Parlor! 12-3pm, 3538 SE Hawthorne blvd. Every 3rd Thursday we'll have Faery Hair at this organic probiotic ice cream shop! They have tea and coffee too, yum!

December Events  
Wednesday, December 14th: 4-8pm, 2nd Wednesday Sparkle Party Happy Hour at Belmont Station4500 SE Stark St, Portland, drop in! Kids welcome until 7pm

(Wednesday, December 14th: 8-11pm, holiday tango party at the Norse Hall)

Thursday, December 15th: 12-3pm, 3rd Thursday Faery Hair at the Maple Parlor, 3538 SE Hawthorne, Portland, new monthly event!

Thursday, December 15th: 3:30-5:30pm, Faery Hair for OCOM holiday party at Rock Bottom Brewery, 206 SW Morrison st, Portland

(Thursday, December 15th: 7-10pm, Rogue One pre-screening at Lloyd Regal Cinemas)

Friday, December 16th: 11am-6pm, Faery Hair Friday at the Fernie Brae4035 SE Hawthorne, Portland, drop in! (Free art release party afterward, 6-8pm!)

Saturday, December 17th: 10am-5pm, Faery Hair for Geek the Halls craft fair, 1000 NE Multnomah St, Portland, free event!

(Saturday, Dec 17th: 9pm-1am, Nectar Fusion dance at Somaspace)

Sunday, December 18th: 6-8:30pm, Faery Hair for Gypsy Heart Winter Solstice celebration, Tango Berretin6305 SE Foster, Portland, $5 entry.

Monday December 19th: 3-5pm, Faery Hair for Christine and friends in Olympic Mills office (private event)

Friday, December 23rd: 11am-6pm, Faery Hair Friday at the Fernie Brae4035 SE Hawthorne, Portland

Friday, December 30th: 11am-6pm, Faery Hair Friday at the Fernie Brae4035 SE Hawthorne, Portland, drop in!

Saturday, December 31st: Faery appearance/performance by Serafaery and Pixie at Vancouver's New Year's Eve at the Hilton Masquerade in the Round!

This faery's wings are beating fiercely to bring you all the sparkles! Thank you so much for keeping me so busy!

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