Monday, May 1, 2023

May fairy hair sparkles with Serafaery in Portland 🌷✨🍃

 Faery Hair appts for early May are open:

More coming May 15th!

I'm away twice month, so fewer hours available than usual, adding events back into the mix, too!

These usually fill in about one day, so if no dates are available, the reason is that they are all booked (most likely not because you're doing something wrong or because it is broken, though there is the occasional glitch in the system). So, you can check back for cancellations, or try again later in May. Appts open as close to the 1st and 15th as possible, for 2 weeks at a time. 

If you'd like to get email reminders for this, email me at and ask to be put on the list! It's always okay to email or message me if you have questions (I occasionally have flex time outside of the studio if you're up for an adventure to a new location), but I might not always be able to respond - it's always okay to try again. :)

If you can't do stairs please let me know - the sparkle studio is on the 2nd floor at the Overlook House, but I can set up on the main floor with some notice ahead of time.  

Thanks so much for joining me in this sparkly work, I'm so grateful for everyone who comes to the studio, it's always a delight in so many different ways, and leaves me feeling uplifted and joyful seeing you walk away so glittery and magical ✨🧚✨

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