Sunday, May 1, 2022

May fairy hair sparkles in Portland with Serafaery ✨🦄🌸

 Faery Hair sparkles for the first half of May are available now through the booking link:

Appointments open the 1st and 15th of each month or thereabouts, and tend to fill in a couple of days. If nothing is open, check back near the 1st-2nd or 15-16th, or feel free to email me at to see if there is additional availability or if the booking website doesn't work for you, I'm happy to help if there is wiggle room in my schedule. 🦄

You can also email me a request to be put on my email list to get notified 2x per month, when these open. (Ask anytime to be removed :)  If I don't reply within a day or two please feel free to try again, I get disorganized sometimes and really intend to reply to everyone, but sometimes lose track. 🌸

Texting is okay too but I tend to lose track of texts more often, I get so many: 503-720-5486 🧚

My shoulder is healing slowly, looking forward to my birthday this month (47! Where does the time go?), and more sunshine. Can't wait to see and sparkle everyone I can! It is such a delight. I am so grateful to everyone who comes to see me for making this work possible. What a gift! ✨

Happy sparkling!  -Sera 🧚

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