Monday, November 15, 2021

November fairy hair sparkles in Portland at the Overlook Sparkle Studio with Serafaery 🍂✨🧚

 Hi sparklers! Here is the November 15th booking link for Faery Hair sparkles appts through November at the Overlook House:  💖

Last Friday, more than half of my appointments canceled the day of service. There has been a big increase in last-minute cancellations since pandemic. So going forward, card info will be required for booking, and a $25 cancellation fee will be charged if appointments are cancelled less than 24 hours before your scheduled time. This is to protect my time, and also to be fair to all the people who message me throughout the week looking for appointments when I am fully booked. I am so grateful for your patience and support with this new process. Fingers crossed this helps solve the problem at least a little bit. Thank you for understanding! 🍂

Our doorbell works, yay! 🔔 We still have to keep the front door locked, so just ring the bell when you get there - there might be a wait if I'm still sparkling someone :)  🧚

Please let me know if none of the times or days work for you, email is best at - occasionally I can free up some time on the weekends or later evenings, if weekdays aren't workable for you. ✨

(If I fail to reply after a couple of days please feel welcome to re-try if you are so inclined, it's so easy for me to lose track of messages, I'm trying to get better! I appreciate your help and patience :)

Thanks so much, happy grateful times!  🦃

I'll send out another email December 1st for fairy hair appts in December. ❄️🦌💖


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