Monday, August 2, 2021

Fairy Hair Sparkles Enchanted Forest free event, Saturday August 7th 2021 at Oaks Park in Portland

 This Saturday August 7th, 11am at The Oaks Amusement Park will be my next available sparkling opportunity, I'll be tying Faery Hair Sparkles at this Time Traveler's Guild Enchanted Forest costume event, it is free and no costumes are required. Sparkles are $3 per sparkle as always. I'll be sparkling on a sign-up-in-person basis, no booking appointments online for this one. So, if Oaks is in your area and you want to swing by for sparkles, and have time to wait in case my hands are full, I'll be there! I won't be able to answer my phone unless I am on a break, in which case I still won't have a great idea of how busy I'll be at any given time - events like this are always unpredictable. I could be sitting bored for hours or I could be completely overwhelmed, or something in the middle, who knows!  

I've had to step back from in-person sparkling this week, and am instead focusing on my website work, as my emotional state has been extremely fragile as I'm coming up on some loss anniversaries and I currently have no access to professional support for this grief processing. I'll hopefully begin booking appointments again the week of August 10th or so. Thanks so much for being patient with me. <3 <3 <3