Where: Serafaery is based in Portland, Oregon. Faery hair is available at regular weekly, monthly, and annual events, parties, benefits, and by appointment at several friendly cafes in the area.

Sera sparkles every Friday for Faery Hair Fridays at the Fernie Brae faery shoppe, 4035 SE Hawthorne blvd, Portland, 11am-6pm. We go unil 7pm in the summer!

Please see the Updates and Events main page at faeryhair.com for events each week, or email or call/text Sera at 503-720-5486 or serafaery@yahoo.com to book your appointment or party.

What: Faery Hair sparkles are the highest quality silk sparkling threads that are tied individually, by hand, into hair for a magical effect. No metal beads or glue is ever used. Faery Hair can be treated just like regular hair: wash, brush, dry, curl, flat iron, and process as usual. They catch the light and shimmer for anywhere from a day to several months, depending on the whims of the faeries.  Average is 3-4 weeks.

We use original, authentic silk Fhairy Strands from faecraft.com. True Faery Hair is long lasting, durable, and beautiful. It can be washed, brushed, blow-dried, flat-ironed, curled, hennaed, and colored over safely. Treat it just like your hair, no special maintenance needed <3

Beware of imitations! There are a lot of cheaper knock-off products (sometimes called hair tinsel, hair bling, or hair flares). Those tiers may call this "fairy hair," but it is not really, in our opinion. These may look the same at first, but the effect will be less than magical with a big knot and will not last long. Sometimes they are inserted with a metal crimping bead that holds a chunk of your hair and cannot be brushed through.
Plastic or polyester silk strands from Amazon and other sources are not the same; we have tested all of them.
(If you have your own sparkle string that you want tied in for just one night such as for a performance, we can help tie, as long as you are aware that this is not true faery hair.)

When: Regular events below, also check the main page on faeryhair.com for the latest schedule, updated regularly.

Faery Hair Fridays: 11am-6pm every Friday (extended summer hours!) at the Fernie Brae, 4035 SE Hawthorne, Portland. We go until 7pm in summer!

2nd Wednesdays, 5-8pm: Faery Hair Sparkle Happy Hour party at Belmont Station, 4500 SE Stark St, Portland, all ages until 7! Drop in

Sera does personal sparklings by appointment. These are arranged one on one or in small groups, usually at a cafe in Portland. Please email serafaery@yahoo.com or call/text 503-720-5486 to book an appointment. House calls available too! Cash or card <3

Rates:  $2 per strand  3 strand minimum gently suggested (some could fall out right away, and we don't want you left with nothing). Most people get between 10-30 strands, we have done as many as 100 - the amount of sparkle is up to you!
A $40 minimum is requested for house calls, no minimum for cafe appointments
Party rates are usually hourly, call or email for details: 503-720-5486 or serafaery@yahoo.com

You can be as sparkly or as subtle as you like. We have a wide range of colors to fit your fancy. Images and videos can be seen on the pictures page.

How: Faery Hair sparkles are tied into hair using a tiny magic tool called a "pixie pick," for a subtle effect of sparkle that blends in with hair. Experience is a key part of this magic, as is hair selection, the specific silk product we use, and the type of knot. We are humble recipients of faerie wisdom for this practice. Faery Hair lasts as long as the hair it is tied to stays with you - this could be one day, one month, or in some cases up to one year or more! Average lasting time is 3-4 weeks, but is impossible to predict. This is a temporary adornment, though if a strand falls out immediately we are more than happy to re-tie. <3

Why?  It is our mission to sparkle the world. Sparkles make everything better. Faery hair brings delight, in a small, gentle way. We feel that the world needs more sparkles and delight, at this time.

Blessed Be!

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